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Meat Science Minor

The SDSU Meat Science team welcomes you!

Our Mission Statement

“To improve the lives of the citizens of South Dakota, the United States of America, and the world by providing opportunities for students to develop skills, direction, and drive to be successful, and by enhancing meat quality and safety, and reducing food costs."

Meat Science Minor

The Meat Science minor is designed for students seeking careers in the meat and food industry including research and product development, quality assurance, food safety, fresh meat processing, meat product manufacturing, and government service. Students learn product characteristics, product development, production, food safety, and marketing of fresh and processed meats. Completion provides excellent preparation for a career in the meat and food industry, and also provides an excellent background for graduate study in either meat or food science.

Complete requirements for the minor, including courses from other departments are found in the course catalog.

Meat Science Minor handout.

Undergraduate research

  • Faculty mentors foster scientific skills through research.
  • Students present scientific findings through posters and oral presentations at scientific meetings and publish in the SDSU Journal of Undergraduate Research.



Updated 12/22/16

Meat Lab

The Meat Lab processes and merchandizes meat from its teaching, Extension and research missions. The Meat Lab is a fully inspected facility and all animals and meat products must pass government inspection before being sold. All beef is aged to maximize tenderness and flavor. Most products are sold frozen to ensure high quality and longer shelf life.

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Meat Judging

The SDSU Meat Judging program exists to generate student interest in meat science and to develop teamwork, communication, and critical-thinking skills among program participants.

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Specialized Staff - Meat