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Animal Science Department Mission/Vision/Values


Educate, research, and disseminate the many aspects of animal agriculture and rangeland management to improve the well being of the citizens of South Dakota and the region.

Teaching: Provide educational opportunities for all students in the professional fields of agriculture and biological sciences with majors in Animal Science.

Research: Conduct unbiased, science-based research to positively impact the people, economy, and natural resources of South Dakota and the region, especially those with vested interest in the animal production and rangeland utilization.

Extension: Disseminate knowledge gained via production-based research to the people of South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains region to help improve their lives through the educational process.


Be nationally recognized as a leader in production-based education and research, supported by the most current basic techniques while leading the way in technological advancements in dissemination of this knowledge to our students and stakeholders.


  • Character, Honesty, and Integrity
  • Creative, innovative and responsive faculty members
  • Engagement, service and stewardship
  • Hard working individuals
  • Loyal supporters
  • Passion and commitment to excellence
  • People who are professional and trustworthy
  • Students with a desire to learn
  • Superior performance
  • Supportive Alumni