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Alumni Meat Judging Contest

The SDSU Alumni Meat Judging Contest is held annually in conjunction with the Little International. Alumni meat judgers are invited to participate in a meat judging contest on the Saturday afternoon of Little "I." Following the contest, there is a SDSU Meat Lab product tasting. Winners of the contest are announced Saturday evening at the Litter International program.

Past Alumni Contest Winners

High Individual
2004 Tony Muller (1984)
2005 Clint Gehrke (2002)
2006 Eric Gjerde (2006)

High Team
2004  Leon Spronk (1973)
         Tony Muller (1984)
         Linnae Suprenant (1984)

2005  Ann Gensmer (Rolfing)(2003)
         Crystal Mohrhauser (2003)
         Shelly Widmer (2003)

2006  Andrew Everts (2004)
         Jennifer Gunderson (2004)
         Jared Knock (2004)
         Tim Nath (2004)