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1997 Livestock Judging Team

Senior Livestock Judging Team

1997 Senior Livestock Judging TeamTeam Members (L to R):
Brent Beitelspacher, Bowdle, S.D.; Kelly Bruns, Coach;
Mike Blume, Redfield, S.D.; John Schroeder, Redfield, S.D.;
Rick Moe, Bruce, S.D.; & Amy Cowan, Quimby, Iowa.

Competition Results:
Sioux Empire, Sioux Falls S.D.–
Team: 4th overall

United Natl. MAEC, St. Joseph Mo.– Team: 3rd overall
3rd Evaluation, 2nd Beef, 3rd Sheep, 4th Meats
Schroeder: 5th overall, 1st Evaluation, 2nd Beef, 3rd Sheep
Beitelspacher: 13th overall, 10th Breeding
Cowan: 6th Cattle

Northwestern MAEC, Laramie, Wyo.– Team: 1st overall
1st Evaluation, 1st Meats, 1st Breeding Selection
Schroeder: 1st overall, 1st Evaluation, 1st Meats, 1st Breeding selection
Beitelspacher: 2nd overall, 3rd Evaluation, 2nd Breeding, 5th Meats
Moe: 3rd overall, 5th Evaluation, 3rd Breeding
Cowan: 7th overall, 6th Meats

American Royal, Kansas City, Mo.– Team: 5th overall, 2nd Sheep, 7th Cattle
Moe: 7th overall, 5th Sheep

International, Louisville, Ky.– Team: 13th overall, 7th Sheep, 9th Cattle
Cowan: 10th Cattle