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Structures and Environment

Agriculture Waste Systems

  • Richmond Lake Water Quality Surface Water Pollution From Livestock Production (ExEx1010)
  • Emergency Management for Livestock Water Disposal (ExEx1019)
  • Swine Facility Location and Odor Dispersion (ExEx1042)
  • Environmental Training for South Dakota Livestock Producers
  • On–Site Wastewater Treatment System
  • Best Practices: Manure Management
  • Living with a Septic System

Grain Handling

  • Don't Lose Scarce and Expensive Hay Through Storage or Feeding (ExEx1001)
  • Check Stored Grain (ExEx1003)
  • Grain Drying Guidelines for a wet Harvest (ExEx1014)
  • Harvesting and Ensiling High–Moisture Crops (ExEx1015)

Livestock Facilities

  • Silo Gas Can Be Dangerous (ExEx1002)
  • Hot Weather Precautions for Pouring Concrete (ExEx1006)
  • Plastic Curtain Wall Use for Barn Venting (ExEx1011)
  • Reducing Feedlot Mud Problems (ExEx1020)
  • Common Questions Pork Producers Ask Before Building Production Facilities (ExEx1039)