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Precision Agriculture and Bioprocessing

Precision Agriculture and Bioprocessing research concerns the development of biosensors for accurate pathogens and environmental stress monitoring. 

Summary: “South Dakota Biofilm Center” will enable us to disclose the mechanisms controlling “genetic and epigenetic rearrangements” triggered by the microcosmic interactions within the biofilms grown on the underlying surfaces that are modified with recently discovered 2D coatings (such as graphene), as well as enable us to obtain deep insight knowledge of interaction among microbes and crop hosts.

ContactDr. Zhengrong Gu

Summary: Research activities will focus on developing an electrochemical biosensing platform, which will significantly improve detecting low limitation (for example to 1 CFU Salmonella /25 gram meat), identifying and quantifying accuracy of pathogens, as well as reducing total detection time, including sample preparation and pre-purification, to less than 30 minutes and achieve affordable tests that cost less than $2/test.  

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ContactDr. Zhengrong Gu