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Natural Resources ABE

Water Supplies

  • Plugging Abandoned Wells (ExEx1017)
  • Primary Drinking Water Standards (ExEx1025)
  • Secondary Drinking Water Standards (ExEx1026)
  • Drinking Water Standards: Health Advisories Levels (ExEx1027)
  • Household Water Treatment Equipment (ExEx1028)
  • Water for Emergency Use (ExEx1048)
  • Sealing Abandoned Cisterns (ExEx1049)

Water Quality

  • What Causes Salinity in Dams and Dugouts
  • Richmond Lake Water Quality Project Citizen's Guide to Environmental Terminology (ExEx1008)
  • Richmond Lake Water Quality Project Septic Systems on Shoreline Property (ExEx1009)
  • Richmond Lake Water Quality Project Surface Water Pollution From Livestock Production (ExEx1010)
  • Managing Lawns to Protect Water Quality — Watering, Fertilizing and Applying Pesticides (ExEx1016)
  • Is there Hazardous Waste in Your Home (ExEx1023)
  • Household Product Disposal Guide (ExEx1024)
  • Lead–Based Paint in Your Home (ExEx1041)
  • Secondary Containment for Farm and Home Fuel Storage–Above Ground Systems (ExEx1047)

Livestock Water Quality and Drainage

  • Water Quality South Dakota Dams and Dugouts
  • Drainage Around the Home (ExEx1021)


  • Chemigation: Is It For You? (FS861)
  • Chemigation Safety (FS860)
  • Chemigation Management (FS862)
  • Chemigation: Calibrating Systems for Center Pivot Irrigation (FS863)
  • Checkbook Irrigation Scheduling (EC897): An irrigation management manual for South Dakota
  • Irrigation Water Management: Measuring Soil Moisture (FS876)
  • Irrigation Management: Using Electrical Resistance Blocks to Measure Soil Moisture (FS899)
  • Automatic Restart for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems (FS897)
  • Automatic Priming of Centrifugal Irrigation Pumps (FS898)

Septic System

  • Septic System Maintenance (ExEx1018)
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems for Rural Homes and Cabins (ExEx1032)
  • Periodic Maintenance for On–site Wastewater Treatment Systems (ExEx1033)
  • Solving On–site Wastewater Treatment Systems Backups (ExEx1034)
  • Septic System Additives – Not Needed (ExEx1035)
  • Septic System Failures (ExEx1043)
  • Recommended Method for Checking Homes with Septic System Failures (ExEx1044)
  • Homeowner's Responsibilities for Using On–site Sewage Treatment Systems (ExEx1045)
  • Troubleshooting Septic Systems (ExEx1046)


  • After a Flood...Salvaging Flood Damaged Buildings (ExEx1012)
  • After a Flood...Engine and Machine Renovation (ExEx1013)
  • Sandbagging for Flood Protection (ExEx1036)
  • Steps to Reduce Flood and Water Damage (ExEx1038)