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USGS 104b Research Projects

Proposal Information

In FY2018, the South Dakota Water Resources Institute (SD WRI) USGS 104b small grant research program funded research totaling approximately $58,400. Eight pre-proposals were submitted in FY2018. All pre-proposals were reviewed by five reviewers representing the South Dakota DENR, South Dakota NRCS, South Dakota Corn Council, East Dakota Water Development District, and RESPEC Consulting & Services. The following three proposals were selected for funding under the FY2018 SDSU WRI 104b research grant program: 

Evaluation of Nitrate Removal Rates of Denitrification Bioreactors Using Agricultural Residue Media (Year 2). Lead PI: Dr. G. Hua, South Dakota State University.

Evaluating and predicting the risk of algal blooms in South Dakota Lakes using remote sensing. Lead PI: Dr. R. McDaniel, South Dakota State University.

​​​Stormwater management and ecosystem health: The complementary role of green infrastructure in urban environments.  Lead PI: Dr. J Stone, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

The U.S. Department of Interior has not yet appropriated the funds to the State Water Resources Research Institute Programs. Therefore, there has not yet been a final determination of the funding amount the SD WRI will have available for grant awards. We will be proceeding with the assumption that the SD WRI will fund research for an approximate total of $58,000. That dollar amount is subject to change, depending on Congressional funding.