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USGS 104b Research Projects


Proposal Information for FY2022

Guidelines for Preproposals - FY2022 

In FY2022, the South Dakota Water Resources Institute (SD WRI) USGS 104b small grant research program funded research totaling approximately $50,000. Four pre-proposals were submitted in FY2022. All pre-proposals were reviewed by five reviewers, representing:

  1. The South Dakota DENR
  2. South Dakota NRCS
  3. South Dakota Corn Council
  4. East Dakota Water Development District

Three proposals selected for funding under the FY2022 SDSU WRI 104b research grant program: 

  1. Improving Crop Resilience to Climate Variability through Refinement of Crop Water Use in the Skunk Creek Watershed.  Lead PI: Dr. R. Behnke, South Dakota State University.
  2. Nanobubble technology for dairy processing effluent management.  Lead PI: Dr. M. Mohan, South Dakota State University.
  3. Transformation of Nitrate to Ammonia by Biochar Supported Ru Catalysts and Recovery of Ammonia as N-Fertilizer on Biochar.  Lead PI: Dr. T. Ye, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.