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USGS 104b Research Projects

At the present time, the U.S. Geological Survey is awaiting approval for its FY2021 104b Request For Proposals. In the meantime, we are requested to prepare pre-proposals following the guidelines set out for FY2020.

Guidelines for Preproposals - FY2021 

SDSU Budget Template for USGS Proposals - FY2021

Pre-Proposal and Full Proposal Budget and Budget Justification Requirements

Proposal Information from FY2020

In FY2020, the South Dakota Water Resources Institute (SD WRI) USGS 104b small grant research program funded research totaling approximately $53,000. Four pre-proposals were submitted in FY2020. All pre-proposals were reviewed by six reviewers, representing:

  1. The South Dakota DENR
  2. South Dakota NRCS
  3. South Dakota Corn Council
  4. East Dakota Water Development District
  5. RESPEC Consulting and Services

Three proposals selected for funding under the FY2020 SDSU WRI 104b research grant program: 

  1. Assessment and Improvement of Performance of Septic Systems in Cold Climates (Year 2). Lead PI: Dr. S. Geza South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.
  2. Improvement of Denitrification Bioreactor Performance Using Weathered Woodchips (Year 2). Lead PI: Dr. G. Hua, South Dakota State University
  3. Understanding Contaminant Transport Processes in the Madison Aquifer. Lead PI: Dr. L. Li, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology