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2013 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference

October 30, 2013

Student Union

South Dakota State University

Brookings, SD

About the Conference

The purpose of the 2013 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference is to bring together individuals from Federal, State, University, local government, and private organizations and provide a forum to discuss current topics dealing with water and water quality in South Dakota. The conference provides an opportunity for hydrologists, geologists, engineers, legislators, scientists, students, and other interested individuals to meet and exchange ideas, summarize results of studies, and discuss mutual problems and potential solutions.

Keynote Speakers

"Picture of Jay Gilbertson"
Jay Gilbertson


Manager of East Dakota Water Development District

Brookings, SD

Jay is the Manager of the East Dakota Water Development District, a position held since 1994. The District is involved in a wide range of local, regional and state-wide water resource projects and activities. He currently serves as the Chairman of the South Dakota Nonpoint Source Task Force and is an Adjunct Instructor in the Geology Program at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF). Prior to coming to the District, Jay worked for the State Geological Survey as a  geologist specializing in the study and interpretation of the glacial history of South Dakota. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science from UWRF, and a Master’s Degree in Geology from the University of Minnesota. In the off hours, Jay likes to hang out with his grandson (Jack) and play disc golf.

"Picture of Dr. Dennis Todey"
Dennis Todey


South Dakota State Climatologist

South Dakota State University

Brookings, SD

Dr. Dennis Todey is the State Climatologist for South Dakota. He is the past president of the American Association of State Climatologists. Dr. Todey interests include climate trends for the upper Midwest, weather and climate impacts on agriculture and the use of weather information in drought and flood forecasting.

Conference Program