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2012 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference

The purpose of the 2012 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference is to bring together individuals from Federal, State, University, local government and private organizations and provide a forum to discuss current topics dealing with water and water quality in South Dakota. The conference provides an opportunity for hydrologists, geologists, engineers, legislators, scientists, students and other interested individuals to meet and exchange ideas, summarize results of studies and discuss mutual problems and potential solutions.

Keynote Speakers

"Picture of Mark Anderson"
Mark Anderson

Director of South Dakota Water Science Center, USGS

Mark T. Anderson is Director of the South Dakota Water Science Center (SDWSC) for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Chairman of the Yellowstone River Compact Commission. He has served in a number of leadership positions during his career: Associate Director of the Arizona Water Science Center; Senior Policy Analyst in the Executive Office of the President working with the President’s Science Advisor; Acting Director of the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center and most recently as Acting Director of the Earth Resources Observations and Science (EROS) Center near Sioux Falls. EROS is the largest science center in the USGS and specializes in satellite-based remote sensing. The SDWSC conducts basic hydrologic data collection (about 130 streamflow and other gages) and scientific investigations, such as climate modeling, groundwater modeling, paleoflood hydrology and anthropogenic organic compounds in drinking water. He has published papers on ground-water overdraft, storage depletion and land subsidence of Arizona basin fill aquifers. He worked on flow and sediment transport problems on the Colorado River in The Grand Canyon and directed aspects of the first controlled-flood experiment on a large river, the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam, in 1996. Mark was awarded the Secretary of Interior’s “Unit Award for Excellence in Service” as a member of the USGS scientific team that conducted the experiment. Mark is the author of a USGS Circular (1261) entitled: “Water Availability for the Western United States—Key Scientific Challenges”. Mark is a Black Hills area native and a graduate and adjunct faculty member of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with degrees in Chemistry (BS-1974) and Civil Engineering (MS-1980). Mark and his wife Carla live in Rapid City and have two adult sons and families living in Sioux Falls, SD, and Tucson, AZ.

"Picture of Tim Cowman"
Tim Cowman

Director of the Missouri River Institute, USD

Tim Cowman is the director of the Missouri River Institute at the University of South Dakota and a Natural Resources Administrator with the SD Geological Survey. He has a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences from the University of South Dakota.
His work includes research on the geomorphology and dynamics of the Missouri River to address issues related to erosion, accretion, former channels, island formation and the state boundary. Aspects of his research include the study of the early beginnings of the Missouri River system dating back to the Pleistocene Epoch. He also studies the Missouri River steamboat era and was part of a team that conducted a survey of the North Alabama steamboat discovery.

"Picture of David L. Ganje"
David L. Ganje


Attorney at Law

Ganje Law Offices

Rapid City, SD

David L. Ganje is a natural resources attorney and commercial law and commercial litigation attorney. David has gained his legal experience as a practicing attorney, a former commodity arbitrator, a member of the board of directors of an S&L and as an adjunct professor to hone his skills in these areas of practice. In his natural resources practice he handles matters related to mineral law, oil and gas law, energy law and water law. In the commercial law and litigation practice, Ganje represents business and individual clients in transactional and business litigation matters as well as acting as legal counsel for individuals and institutions. In the transactional practice the office provides counsel in commercial and natural-resources acquisition and sale agreements, due diligence representation as both lead counsel and co-counsel and confidential legal analysis and opinions. The practice represents clients in the sale and purchase of business interests as well as title and legal examinations, banking law matters and related financing transactions. Ganje’s clients in all areas of the practice include businesses, institutions and individuals.
Mr. Ganje grew up in Aberdeen, SD. He earned his B.A. at University of South Dakota and his J.D. degree from the University of South Dakota Law School.

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