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2011 usgs 104b research projects


Life Cycle Assessment Analysis of Engineered Stormwater Control Methods Common to South Dakota


Life Cycle Abstract
Progress / Completion Report
Principal Investigators: James Stone, Tyler Hengen, Maria Squillace, Molly GribbJennifer Benning  South Dakota School of Mines and Technology


Fate and Transport of Biogenic Uraninite in the Environment

Fate and Transport Abstract

Progress/Completion Report

Principal Investigators: Rajesh K. Sani, South Dakota State School of Mines and Technology


Determination of Microbial Kinetics for the Degradation of Estrogens and Triclosan in Activated Sludge Systems

Determination of Microbial Kinetics Abstract

Progress/Completion Report

Principal Investigators: Christopher G. Schmit, South Dakota State University


Investigation of the Contribution of Coliform Contamination in Runoff from Scoured Bed Sediments

Investigation of the Contribution Abstract

Progress/Completion Report


Principal Investigators: Jennifer BenningScott KennerArden Davis,  South Dakota School of Mines and Technology