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2010 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference Schedule

"2010 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference"

About the Conference

This program has been produced in conjunction with the 2010 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference, held at the Volstorff Ballroom on the campus of South Dakota State University on November 9-10, 2010. The purpose of this program is to provide summaries of the presentations made during the conference. The purpose of the 2010 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference is to bring together researchers from Federal, State, University, local government, and private organizations and provide a forum to discuss current topics dealing with water and water quality in South Dakota. This conference provides an opportunity for hydrologists, geologists, engineers, legislators, scientists, students, and other interested individuals to meet and exchange ideas, summarize results of studies, discuss mutual problems, and potential solutions.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Session information


Plenary Speaker

 Alexandra Davis

First Session

Climate, Water Use, and Measurement
Volstorff Ballroom
Moderator: Dennis Todey

Chris Hay
Precipitation and Evapotranspiration Patterns in Eastern South Dakota and Impacts on Agricultural Water Management

Jim Broderick
Design and Measurement Differences of Absolute and Gauged Water Level Sensors

David German
Measurement of Water Quality Parameters in NE South Dakota Lakes

Boris Shmagin
Data Analysis and the Knowledge of Climate in South Dakota

Joyce E. Williamson
Changing Streamflow Characteristics for the James, Big Sioux, and Vermillion Rivers

Panel Discussion

12:45-2:00 PM 

Water, Energy and Biofuels - Questions Moderator Jay Gilbertson, East Dakota Water Development District

Panel Members
Greg Anderson, Sioux Falls Water Superintendent
David Bjorneberg, USDA-ARS, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Lab
William Gibbons, Dept. of Biology & Microbiology, SDSU
Dusty Johnson, South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

Second Session

Water Quality and Aquatic Ecology

Moderator: Chris Hay

Bruce Bleakley
Fecal Coliform Monitoring at a Howard, SD Site: Comparing 2010 to Previous Years

Dimuthu Wijeyaratne
Chemical Fingerprinting and Determination of Tributary Contribution of Trace Elements in The Upper Souris River, ND

Nels H. Troelstrup, Jr.
Estimates of Diel Production from a Prairie Pothole Lake

Carol A. Johnston
Vegetation and Water Quality in Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands

Talal Almeelbi
Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles for Aqueous Nitrate and Phosphate Removal

Student Poster Session/Judging

Sadichya Amatya
Development of Climate Scenarios Using Climate Data for Specific Stations in Eastern South Dakota

Brendon Barker, Destinee Eastman, Steven Farmer, Jr.
Sisseton Wahpeton College Student Internship – Learning About Water Quality Assessment, Geospatial Technologies, Land-use Classification and Statistical Analysis

Ammar B Bhandari
Manure Management Practices to Limit Nutrient Loss from Frozen Agricultural Fields

Richard Liggett
Regionalization of Flow Equations at Bridge Constrictions in South Dakota

Adam Mathiowetz
Vegetative Treatment Systems For Beef Feedlot Runoff

Chris Olson
Water Quality Variations in Water Distribution System Storage Tanks

James Sampson
Remote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring and Watershed Assessment on the Lake Traverse Reservation

Sharanya Shanbhogue
Entrapment of Iron Nanoparticles in Alginate Capsules for Groundwater Trichloroethylene Remediation

Gursharan Singh
Characterization of Bioreduced Uraninite Phases And Their Reactivity With Iron Oxides

Brittni Stephens
Measurement of Human Pharmaceutical Compounds (HPC) in Surface Water

Kendall VandeKamp
Comparison of Channel Stability Evaluation Methods

Ryan Thompson
Viewing Digital Boundaries of Hydrologic Units for South Dakota Using Google Earth

 Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Session information

Third Session

Metals and Water Treatment
Volstorff Ballroom
Moderator: Nels H. Troelstrup, Jr.

Mark Hollenbeck
A Comparison of Water Usage for Mineral and Agricultural Development at the Dewey-Burdock Project

Bryce Pfeifle
Arsenic Speciation in Sediment and Pore Waters of the Historical Mining-Impacted Belle Fourche and Cheyenne River Floodplains

Harjyoti Kalita
Novel Ion-Imprinted Polymers for Simultaneous Removal of As(III) and As(V) from Drinking Water

Dhritikshama Roy
Microbial Degradation of Polysiloxane in Aqueous Environment - A Laboratory Scale Study

Arden Davis
Thermal Stability of Limestone Waste for Recycling after Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water

Sita Krajangpan
Modified Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles for Groundwater Remediation

Fourth Session

Big Sioux River and Sioux Falls Water Supply
Volstorff Ballroom
Moderator: Suzette Burckhard

Galen Hoogestraat
Man-made Organic Compounds in the Water Supply to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2009–2010

Jeremy Schelhaas
Bank Stabilization Practices along the Big Sioux River

Tim Stefanich
The City of Sioux Falls’ Water Conservation Plan and Its Effect on Current Water Usage

Todd Trooien
Saving Landscape Irrigation Water in Sioux Falls

Jason P. Lambert
Sioux Falls Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load

Sponsoring Organizations

East Dakota Water Development District
South Dakota Geological Survey
US Army Corps of Engineers
United States Geological Survey
Water & Environmental Engineering Research Center
Water Resources Institute at South Dakota State University

Organizing Committee

South Dakota State University
Van Kelley (
David R. German (
Christopher H. Hay (
Dennis Todey (
David Clay (
Carol Johnston (
Nels Troelstrup (
Suzette Burckhard (
Delvin DeBoer (
South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Derric L. Iles (
U.S. Geological Survey
Mark Anderson (
Darin Larson (
Ryan Thompson (
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Paul M. Boyd (
East Dakota Water Development District
Jay Gilbertson (
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Arden D. Davis (


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Thank You

The organizing committee would like to thank you for attending the 2010 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference. We hope you have enjoyed our panel discussion, special speakers, oral presentations and poster session.
We now need your help. We will begin working on the 2011 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference shortly. This is where you can help:
1) Identify and recruit speakers – If you know someone who would be a great plenary speaker or banquet speaker, bring them to the attention of the committee. If this person is selected, be willing to contact them and see if they would be interested in attending our conference next year.
2) Volunteer for being a moderator – We are always looking for people to help with the conference.
3) Volunteer to become a part of the organizing committee – If you could spare some time to help with next year’s conference, we would greatly appreciate it.
4) Suggest a theme or title for next year’s conference – What items are important concerning water in Eastern South Dakota?

If you have suggestions for any of the above items, please let me know:
Denise Hovland
Water Resources Institute
South Dakota State University
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