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2000 USGS 104b Research Projects

South Dakota Water Resources Institute FY 2000 Annual Report

Annual Report


Assessment of Non-Point Source Pollution Projects in South Dakota: A Case Study of Pickerel Lake (yr 2)


Principal Investigator: David German, Water Resources Institute, South Dakota State University

Development of an on-the-go Soil Sensor for Identifying Nutrient Management Zones and Improving Water Quality (yr 2)


Principal Investigators: David E. Clay, Kevin Dalsted, Douglas D. Malo, and C.Gregg Carlson, South Dakota State University


Arsenic Remediation of Drinking Water


Principal Investigators: Arden Davis and Cathleen Webb, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology


Laboratory Support for a Study of Water Quality and Beef Production and Suitability of Water for Livestock Use


Principal Investigators: Patricia S. Johnson and David R. German, South Dakota State University