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How to Add Department News

Steps to add Department News

  1. Under the Workbench section, click "Content," then "Add content";
  2. Click "News";
  3. Add the content of your choosing;
  4. Tag your landing page in "Department" field (note this will autofill your page. So, for example, start typing "Department of Animal Sci..." and your landing page should appear in the drop down for you to select. The title you type in the "Department" field is congruous with your landing page title, so if your page is "Office of Financial Aid" that is what you will type in the Department section. Please note that if you do not select a page in the drop down, your news will not appear on your page. You must select a page from the dropdown; and
  5. Click "Save and Publish" and it will appear on your landing page at the bottom, under the Department News section.

Important Considerations

  • You are not permitted to promote your news to the homepage news section. If you have a piece of news you would like considered for that section, please contact our SDSU News team.
  • In order to add Department News to your page, you must have a Landing Page. Contact websupport if you are unsure whether or not you have a landing page or a basic page.