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How to Add an Event

 Steps to Add an Event

  1. Log into
  2. Click on Manage in the Workbench.
  3. Click on Content.
  4. Add Content.
  5. Click Events.
  6. For the event to appear on the homepage, you must first click Promotion Options on the right side of the page, then click “Promoted to front page,” otherwise the event will only appear on the department page you tag it on.
  7. Next, fill in the start and end date, which is collapsible. 
  8. Fill out all of the fields for time e.g. 09:00:00 AM, otherwise you will receive an error message before save. Right now, this clock goes by military time. This is something we are working on fixing, but for the time being, please use military time. The All Day button does not work right now. It’s a bug we are fixing. If your event is all day, please note that in the summary or description box.
  9. In the Summary section, remove the text that is entered in there, otherwise it will appear as is after publication. If you want a short description, please enter that here, or leave blank for the summery to be pulled from the long description.
  10. Next, add in a longer Description if needed.
  11. Upload a featured image, with alt text and a caption, if you wish. Note: right now, there is no way to resize the featured photos. If you upload a small photo, it will auto resize to fit this. We are working to fix this bug, but remember that if your photo is looking pixilated, it’s best to leave it out for the time being.
  12. Add contact info with phone numbers in the format of 605-688-6161.
  13. Fill in the campus building. Note: this is auto complete. 
  14. Fill in access directions and parking fields if you wish. Also, if you are holding the event off campus, put the location here. Right now the Location, which reads South Dakota State University is not working. We are working on fixing that, but you must leave it there (it will not appear on the event) in order to publish the event.
  15. Add in the website you want to link to (if applicable). Note: You will need to include HTTP:// The link text is the verbiage users will hover and click on to access your website (so that the long URL isn’t the text on the button).
  16. Add in ticket URL (if applicable). Again, the link text, which in this case should likely read Tickets—will be the name of the button people click on to enter your ticketing webpage and/or site. Note: You will need to include HTTP://.
  17. The publication destination is not working right now, so please disregard that.
  18. Enter the department pages you’d like the event to appear on (it’s again, an autofill field). You can add multiple departments.
  19. Disregard the taxonomy fields, as that is coming over from our previous CMS, and we are working to update that.
  20. Double check that you’ve clicked “Promoted to the front page” if you wish to have it displayed on the homepage events.
  21. Click Save and Keep Published.