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How to Add an Event

As of January 2022, all events need to be added via EMS (Event Management System). Each building has an assigned EMS facility manager who will need to enter the event. For a current list, please contact Mark Venhuizen, Assistant Director for Event Services.

The purpose of this tool is so that any event hosted by SDSU will be entered into one campus event reservation system—the Events Management System (EMS) licensed to SDSU. The university website, InsideState and MyState then pull information from EMS into the appropriate calendars.

The EMS system also helps to provide data for reporting to the SDBOR, SD Legislative, University Leadership and Departments across campus about events happening, usage/capacity reports, security reports and staffing needs.  

The EMS facility manager will need to know for each event:

  1. Title of Event
  2. Location – Building and Room
  3. Date(s)
  4. Time(s) – Beginning and End
  5. Primary contact, email and phone number
  6. Event description (if to be displayed on the website)
  7. Event Audience
    1. Public Includes SDSU Faculty/Staff/Students
    2. SDSU Faculty/Staff
    3. SDSU Students
  8. Main sponsor
  9. Other sponsors or websites the event needs to be displayed on (if desired),
    1. If event is a K-12 camp, conference or event - let the facility manager know so they can also tag Camps & Conferences which has a complete list of K-12 events on campus.
  10. Event URL link information (if desired)

Note: The data from EMS is updated on the public website at 20 minutes past every hour. All past events will be unpublished on the public website after 30 days.

Current EMS Facility Managers:

  • American Indian Student Center - Wiyaka His Horse is Thunder
  • Athletics - Christi Williams
  • Hilton M. Briggs Library - Emmeline Weber
  • McCrory Gardens - Lisa Marotz; Lori Puetz
  • Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center - Andie Star; Jay Vanduch
  • Pugsley Center - Goran Mitrovich
  • South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum - Sarah Jacobs
  • South Dakota Art Museum - Carolyne Hart