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University Committees

University Committees will honor shared governance and as such, be joint Administrative-Faculty Senate Committees where the President and the Faculty Senate jointly appoint members to each Committee and oversee the work of the Committee. Committee charters acknowledge interdependence among administration, faculty, staff and students. This relationship calls for adequate communication among all entities and full opportunities for appropriate joint planning and input into important university decisions. That is, administrative liaisons will actively utilize University Committees as a means of gathering important input and feedback to inform decisions.

In shared governance, University Committees are empowered to conduct serious, thoughtful analyses of the issues appropriate to that Committee, and to make recommendations to the Faculty Senate and administration.

Academic Affairs Committee
Provide advice and support for issues surrounding curriculum, general education requirements, academic policy development, program assessment, faculty recognition, the awarding of honorary degrees, and the Harding Lecture series.

Academic Appeals Committee
Provide a forum for and adjudication of disputes involving grades and evaluations between students and faculty by providing objective arbitration and resolution. They shall also establish standards on academic ethics for both students and faculty members.

Budget Planning Committee
Provide counsel to university leaders on budgetary resource allocation. An overarching function of this committee will be to ensure campus involvement, communication and transparency in the planning and budget process.

Campus Planning and Design Committee
Support and give general guidance for the orderly development, design and aesthetic presentation of the campus.

Diversity Enhancement Committee
Facilitate communication, coordination and collaboration on matters of diversity and inclusion.

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Committee
Provide leadership on environmental stewardship, energy conservation and sustainability to campus.

Faculty Development and Leadership Committee
Advise the Provost or Designee, Director of Teaching and Learning Center, and Faculty Senate on programs, policies and procedures for faculty development.

Information Technology Committee
Provide guidance for overall operation of computing, computing devices, the network, the website, and policy development surrounding the use of information technology.

Integrated Marketing and Communications Committee
Provide guidance and direction to maintaining effective public relations, strategic marketing and external communications so as to enhance the institutional image.

Intercollegiate Athletic Board (IAB)
Provide oversight of the academic and educational aspects of the intercollegiate athletic program. The IAB serves in an advisory capacity to the President and Athletic Director on financial management and other operational aspects of the intercollegiate athletics program.

International Committee
Advise on strategic direction and strategy for International Affairs. Explore and develop new international initiatives and strengthen existing programs and services so as to achieve the institution's mission of providing a global education for all students.

Library Committee
Provide guidance for the overall operations of the library and its various components and programs.

Parking and Traffic Committee
Review and recommend policy regarding campus parking and traffic regulations.

Research and Scholarship Advisory Committee
Provide recommendations to create an institutional research climate befitting a major land-grant university and bring to reality the potential of its faculty in research and scholarly activity.

Tenure and Promotion Committee
Review all tenure and promotion applications from the university to ensure that institutional standards are upheld.  Provide recommendations to university leadership on tenure and promotion applications. Advise on tenure and promotion criteria and guidelines.

The Undergraduate Student Experience Committee
Provide guidance for the overall undergraduate experience, specifically including services and programs targeting student success. Ensure that undergraduate students experience a seamless system from academic-related services to residential life and student activities.