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Instructional Technologies for Emergency Teaching & Learning


In South Dakota, extreme weather or other unexpected events may disrupt scheduled classes. The instructional technologies, strategies, and Instructional Design Services (IDS) listed below may minimize interruption of instruction during such situations and offer possible solutions for course continuity if face-to-face instruction is not possible.

SDSU faculty members should work with their department/school and college to identify possible teaching strategies, which may be implemented if needed during times of disruption. A starting point in these situations is always to clearly communicate detailed instructional plans, expectations, and alternative instruction strategies to students using available technology.


With instructional technologies and support resources provided by IDS, several options exist to continue instruction in the event of campus closure. These include synchronous, asynchronous, and mixed synchronous and asynchronous platforms. Strategies include remote instruction through D2L, Zoom web conferencing, and other technologies. Additional options include recorded Zoom lectures, D2L discussions, D2L dropbox, or other D2L tools. When deciding on which resources to use, faculty should align student learning outcomes and course objectives with the most appropriate instructional platform available.

General Tips

  • Start planning early
  • Keep it simple
  • Know your technologies and support resources
  • Practice using the instructional platform
  • Communicate

Instructional Technologies



Purpose: contact through D2L email (D2L Tutorials)

  • D2L Email in Classlist
  • D2L Course Announcements
  • D2L Course Messages
  • D2L Course Discussions
  • D2L Course Video Note


Purpose:  interact with students in real time (SDSU Licensed Applications)

  • D2L Zoom
  • D2L Course Chat
  • Skype for Business
  • TurningPoint Web Polling
  • QuestionPro LivePolls



Purpose: provide instructional content (D2L Tutorials, SDSU Licensed Applications)

  • D2L Course Contents
  • D2L e-textbook
  • D2L Course Dropbox
  • D2L Course ePortfolio
  • D2L Course Learning Object Repository
  • D2L Course Video Note
  • D2L Zoom recordings
  • MS Stream Media
  • SDSU myMedia
  • PPT recording
  • OneDrive or Box files
  • SDSU Lib
  • Camtasia Studio Media
  • iSpring Media


  • SDSU Virtual Lab
  • SDSU Training House



Purpose: manage student activities (D2L Tutorials, SDSU Licensed Applications)

  • D2L Course Discussion
  • D2L Course Blog
  • D2L Course ePortfolio
  • Scheduled TurningPoint Web Polling
  • QuestionPro Survey


  • D2L Zoom
  • TurningPoint Web Polling
  • QuestionPro LivePolls



Purpose: assess student learning (D2L Tutorials)

  • D2L Course Dropbox
  • D2L Course Quiz
  • D2L Course Graded Discussion
  • D2L Course User Progress
  • D2L Course Graded ePortfolio
  • D2L Course Video Assignment
  • D2L Course Gradebook
  • D2L Turnitin
  • D2L Quiz LockDown Browser
  • Online proctoring D2L