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Risk Management/Legal Issues

A leader of the department, understand the potential risks and how to minimize them.  Department Head's should refer to the University Policy and Procedure Manual for specific policy information.

On Campus Resources

  • The Office of University Counsel provides information on legal topics.  A resource list of applicable SDSU, BOR, State of South Dakota and US government sites and policies as well as common FAQ's will assist you as a new Department Head.

    Contact Information:  University Counsel (222 Administration)  605-688-4111


  • The Human Resource office deals with a multitude of employment functions.

    Department Heads must:

    Report all concerns regarding harassment and discrimination to SDSU's Equal Opportunity Officer/Title IX Coordinator even if the complainant requests confidentiality or requests that nothing be done. Supervisors can be held personally liable for incidents, which they knew of or should have known of. Therefore, it is imperative that all concerns regarding harassment are addressed either through formal or informal methods. The Equal Opportunity Officer and supervisors should work together to ensure that all matters are addressed in an appropriate, discrete, and effective manner.

    SDSU Harassment Policy

    4:3 Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Affirmative Action

    4:4 Harassment including Sexual Harassment

    4:5 Prevention of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Stalking

    4:6 Human Rights Complaints

    Contact:  Title IX Coordinator (100 Administration)  605-688-4128


  • The Division of Student Affairs is an excellent source for any issues dealing with students and student-related policies.

    The Student Affairs section of the Policies and Procedures siteprovides an excellent resource on policies related to students.  Some of the most common policies that affect Department Heads include FERPA and the Student Conduct Code.

    Contact Information:

    Student Conflict Prevention, Management and Student Conduct Procedures

    Assistant Director for Student Conduct (Caldwell Hall)  605-688-6997

    Coordinator of Conflict Prevention (Caldwell Hall) 605-688-6997

    Student Affairs Office

    Vice President for Student Affairs (312 Administration) 605-688-4493

    Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (312 Administration) 605-688-4493

    Dean of Students (312 Administration) 605-688-4493


  • The Office of Academic Affairs oversees and administers policies, procedures and guidelines related to academic issues.  Academic Honesty and Academic Integrity are policies, which may have a higher risk or legal impact. 

    Additional academic-related policies and resources:

    Faculty Handbook

    Academic Section of the Policy & Procedures website


  • It is also useful to become familiar with offices that deal with technology and physical safety to include:

    Information Technology

    Emergency Management

    Safety & Security