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According to the Faculty Handbook, all professorial ranked faculty are expected to engage in scholarly activities.  The assignment of research/scholarship for each faculty member will vary by program and is normally taken into consideration when evaluating faculty members.  While research has been a vital part of SDSU since its inception through the Agricultural Experiment Station, it is now a well-established activity across the entire university.  The university strategic plan, IMPACT 2018, has clear goals for research; with a 2018 target of research spending of $115 million annually, additionally bolstered by inventions, IP disclosures and other activities that will help achieve this goal.  The SDSU Research Report provides an excellent outline of current research activities.

  • Resources
    The following outline provides key research-related information for department heads.
    • IMPACT 2018:  Goal 2 - Research and Innovation
    • SDBOR Office of Research Affairs
    • Division of Research and Economic Development
      This source also provides information on
      • General directions of research at SDSU
      • Research budget and expenditures
      • Service laboratories and core facilities
    • Agricultural Experiment Station
      The SD Agricultural Experiment Station is managed by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and serves as a platform for agriculture related research within the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, and College of Education and Human Sciences
    • Engineering Research
      This source provides information on
      • College of Engineering research programs
      • Annual Research Reports of the College of Engineering
    • EPSCoR
      SD EPSCoR's mission is to strengthen research and education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) across South Dakota to increase science literacy and drive science-based economic development.  SD EPSCoR helps build South Dakota's research infrastructure and increases its capacity to successfully compete for federal funding.
    • Office of Research Assurance & Sponsored Programs
      This office provides essential services in research development and external funding, scholarship, creative activities, and other projects.
    • Policies and Procedures for Research
    • Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization
      The university has an ambitious plan for expanding its work in the area of intellectual property and economic development.
    • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
      Any research work that involves animals must first be approved by this committee.  This link provides the necessary information for such projects.
    • Faculty Research and Scholarship Incentive Program
      Faculty members at SDSU have the opportunity to enhance their salaries through an incentive program that may be applicable to certain grants.
      This link provides the details of the program and methods for implementation.
    • Grant Opportunities
      TSDSU now subscribes to SPIN, a robust research funding opportunity database.  With more than 40,000 opportunities from over 10,000 sponsors, SPIN will quickly locate all types of funding notices, organize grant information in one convenient place, and provide an extensive keyword list.

      You can access this new tool via the ORASP webpage on Inside State at:  You can click on the yellow SPIN icon to launch a basic search from an on-campus network computer.

      There are several resources available to help you maximize SPIN's utility:

      • A quick start guide on the ORASP page (under the SPIN and GENIUS icons)
      • A library of brief, targeted training videos on the SPIN page (click the "Help" button in the upper right corner)
      • A video of a 1.5 hour training webinar (on the InsideState Training Center page)
    • Effort Certification
      Effort Certification is an important and required component of sponsored research.  This link provides the current Board of Regents and SDSU policies and methods for ensuring that Effort Certification is completed each month.