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IDS 2021 Summer Academies

Instructional Design Services (IDS) will again host Summer Academies – eLearning Technologies & Applications this summer. All sessions will be conducted via Zoom online. The Summer Academies are designed to help SDSU faculty, staff, and GTAs develop comprehensive competencies and technology skills for teaching in face-to-face, hybrid, and online environments. Participants will learn, experience, and practice effective, engaging, and innovative eLearning technologies and applications.

Through these online Zoom hands-on workshops and presentations from IDS Learning Designers, the Summer Academies will aim to create a learning experience for participants to:

  • introduce a set of tools, concepts, and applications for face-to-face, hybrid, and online teaching;
  • embrace creativity, innovation, prototyping, and dreaming big using D2L, Zoom, … and other eLearning technologies and applications;
  • promote exploration of participants' contexts and insight into learner-centered course design for face-to-face, hybrid, and online teaching;
  • build community among technology and innovation change agents.

This year’s Academies are categorized into two tracks: Everyday Use of eLearning Technologies & Applications, and Dive Deeper into eLearning Technologies & Applications. All SDSU faculty, staff, and GTAs are invited to be part of the learning experience. You can select any of the sessions to participate based on your schedule.

Applicants must complete the following online form no later than May 3, 2021: Questions can be directed to: Specific topics by tracks and dates are listed below. 

Track 1: Everyday Use of eLearning Technologies & Applications:
May 10, 8:00-8:50am, Course Lectures Using Zoom
May 10, 9:00-9:50am, Create and Publish Interactive Videos with PowerPoint Recording and MS Stream
May 10, 10:00-10:50am, Virtual Collaboration with MS Teams
May 10, 11:00-11:50am, Conduct Online Survey with QuestionPro
May 10, 1:00-1:50pm, Setting Up A Successful Online Course in D2L|
May 10, 2:00-2:50pm, D2L Gradebook Basics – Setting up for Grading Success
May 10, 3:00-3:50pm, Capture, Edit, and Produce Videos with Camtasia Studio
May 10, 4:00-4:50pm, How to Set up Scavenger Hunt for Students in D2L
May 11, 8:00-8:50am, D2L Productivity Hacks Part 1: Files, Bulk editing, Student progress, Quiz
May 11, 9:00-9:50am, Creating a Learner-Centered D2L Online Course
May 11, 10:00-10:50am, Master Student Assessment in D2L
May 11, 11:00-11:50am, Sharing is Caring Part 1: Multiple Ways for Instructors and Students to Share Content
May 11, 1:00-1:50pm, Using Ally to Enhance D2L Course Accessibility
May 11, 2:00-2:50pm, What Does This D2L Option Do -  Tips on Designing Your Course Differently
May 11, 3:00-3:50pm, D2L Quiz: Get a Grip and Tools You Should be Using
May 11, 4:00-4:50pm, Live Proctoring Using Respondus LDB and Monitor with Zoom

Track 2: Dive Deeper into eLearning Technologies & Applications:

May 12, 8:00-8:50am, Course Groups Collaboration Using Zoom Breakout Rooms
May 12, 9:00-9:50am, QuestionPro Live Polls: Increasing Student Engagement with a Mobile Experience
May 12, 10:00-10:50am, Enhancing Student Engagement Through the Use of D2L Checklists
May 12, 11:00-11:50am, Sharing is Caring Part 2: Advanced Sharing and Storage Strategies
May 12, 1:00-1:50pm, Student Engagement Using “Virtual Tours”
May 12, 2:00-2:50pm, Taming Your Time in D2L Using Release Conditions and Intelligent Agents
May 12, 3:00-3:50pm, Universal Design for Learning in Your Online Courses
May 12, 4:00-4:50pm, Building Learning Activities to Engage Students in Your D2L Course
May 13, 8:00-8:50am, Effective Use and Analysis of Turnitin in D2L Dropbox
May 13, 9:00-9:50am, Increasing Student Engagement Online with D2L Publishers External Learning Tool
May 13, 10:00-10:50am, Streamline Your Grading Process with D2L Rubrics
May 13, 11:00-11:50am, Creating and Managing Groups in D2L’s Discussion Settings
May 13, 1:00-1:50pm, Using Quality Matters Rubric to Better Align Learning Outcomes and Assessments
May 13, 2:00-2:50pm, D2L Productivity Hacks Part 2: Statistics, Formative assessments, Group Discussion
May 13, 3:00-3:50pm, Maximize Online Interactions with D2L Video Note and Video Assignment (Kim) 
May 13, 4:00-4:50pm, TurningPoint Web Student Response System: Interactions for F2F, Hybrid & Online