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What is General Education at SDState?

Images of different classrooms - English, Communication Studies, Geography, Design, Math, and Chemistry

What is General Education at SDState?

General Education provides students with a broad foundation for building knowledge and understanding throughout their academic, professional, and civic lives. Introducing students to new ideas in a wide variety of disciplines demonstrates the complexity of the world around us and facilitates an interdisciplinary understanding. For example, a physician might develop a greater attention to minute detail by taking an art course, or a social worker might gain a perspective on how malnutrition might affect behavioral development in children. General Education also allows students to explore disciplines they may not be familiar with, potentially stimulating new areas of inquiry. This breadth of training is what differentiates a university from a professional or technical school.

The General Education curriculum includes courses in arts and humanities, communication, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences. The curriculum is designed around the following objectives:  

  • Understanding of broad core competencies
  • Encouragement of lifelong learning
  • Understanding of scientific concepts and scientific method
  • Appreciation of interdisciplinary connections
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Cultural awareness and an appreciation for diversity and inclusion
  • Informed citizenship
  • Identification of new areas of interest