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F.O. Butler Award for Excellence

F.O. Butler awards are presented to faculty who achieve the highest levels of excellence in their respective roles that lead to lasting contributions to the well-being of the people of South Dakota. These awards are named for Chicago industrialist, F.O. Butler.

Excellence in Research

Feng Li, Ph.D.
Professor, Biology and Microbiology

Dr. Feng Li is a Professor of Microbiology in the Department of Biology and Microbiology, with cross appointment in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. Dr. Li's stature in his field is remarkable because he has chosen to work in a mainstream area of BioMedial Research where the competition is intense. He is well known for his work developing maturation inhibitors for HIV, the primary causative agent of AIDS, but also for identifying a new influenza virus and developing novel approaches to combat influenza pandemics. His work is funded substantially by the National Institutes of Health, including and NIH Career Award. His publications are all in high- and medium- tier journals. He is regularly invited to serve in NIH panels, and other national and international review panels.

George Perry, and President David Chicoine
George Perry, and President David Chicoine

Excellence in Research

George Perry, Ph.D.
Professor/Extension Specialist, Beef Reproduction Management

Dr. Perry is a Professor of Animal Science specializing in reproductive physiology in the Department of Animal Science. Dr. Perry is an extremely well-respected scientist in the Animal Science discipline. He has garnered more than $2.8 million either as a Principal or Co-Investigator to develop a nationally and internationally recognized research program focusing on factors that impact embryo survivability, sperm longevity and reproductive efficiency in cattle. He has authored and co-authored 53 peer reviewed publications, 13 book chapters and over 200 abstracts. Dr. Perry has trained 11 graduate students as well as a number of undergraduate students and interns during his career.

Cody Wright and President David Chicoine
Cody Wright and President David Chicoine

Excellence in Teaching

Cody Wright, Ph.D.
Professor, Animal Sciences

Dr. Wright is a campus leader in the engagement of students in scientifically based yet applicable information in Animal Sciences. Over the past several years Dr. Wright's impact on undergraduate learning is multi-faceted, and includes a record of excellence in teaching and curriculum design, professional service at the department, college and university level, and leadership in the design and construction of a state-of-the-art Cow-Calf facility. Dr. Wrights' efforts not only provide excellence in undergraduate education for the current generation of SDSU students, but also for generations to come through his leadership in the development of the Cow-Calf Unit, a new teaching facility. Dr. Wright is fostering a culture of education and lifelong learning within the Department of Animal Science.

Rosemarie Nold and President David Chicoine
Rosemarie Nold and President David Chicoine

Excellence in Service for Extension and Outreach

Rosemarie Nold, Ph.D.
Assistant Department Head/Associate Professor, Animal Science

Dr. Rosie Nold is an Assistant Department Head and Associate Professor in Animal Science. She was not only an incredible leader in SDSU Extension from 2007-2014, but was a major driving force behind the reorganization and successful implementation of the new SDSU Extension Model, which enabled extension programs to continue and thrive in South Dakota during a climate of decreased federal funding Dr. Nold provided leadership to the Agriculture and Natural Resources content of, and her efforts have made iGrow and invaluable resource to South Dakota, the nation and the world. She can be credited with helping secure nearly $5M in funding to support extension programs. She worked on the production of iGrow books on best management practices in crop production and most recently the 2015 beef best management practices. Her own scholarly efforts include articles to provide both producer and consumer education. Dr. Nold serves as a role model for women in extension and the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, where her success and mentorship provide an important example for female colleagues working in a traditionally male field. Dr. Nold continues her leadership in her current role as Assistant Department Dead for Animal Science.