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Faculty Awards

Faculty engagement with students, colleagues, and stakeholders create the cornerstone of a university. The SDSU Faculty Award & Recognition program celebrates faculty successes surrounding learning, discovery, engagement and leadership.

Award for Global Engagement

The SDSU Faculty Award for Global Engagement recognizes significant contributions by one or more faculty members in the areas of study abroad leadership, curriculum internationalization, or international/global research.

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Global Engagement Criteria and Guidelines

SDSU Hobo Day Parade Pride

Global Engagement Cumulative List


David Fee Memorial Lecture

To commemorate the influential career of Dr. David Fee, professor of philosophy and religion at SDSU from 1964-1987, the David Fee Memorial Lecture is a central component of the Celebration of Faculty Excellence day.  Through a nomination process, one faculty member is selected to provide a lecture from his/her disciplinary perspective which upholds Dr. Fee's belief in "the life of the mind" and promotes cross-disciplinary learning, inquiry and collegiality.

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David Fee Call for Nominations

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David Fee Cumulative List


Distinguished Professor

Distinguished Professor is the institution’s highest level of scholarly distinction granted to a faculty member.  Those who earn the designation “Distinguished Professor” are models of professional accomplishment, who, in addition to this accomplishment, demonstrate good character, professional integrity, and exemplary citizenship within the university community.

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Distinguished Professor Nomination Guidelines


Distinguished Professors Cumulative List


Dr. Harold and Barbara Bailey Award for Excellence in Academic Department Leadership

This recognition is awarded to a Department Head who has provided outstanding leadership to his/her academic department.  Dr. Harold Bailey served as Vice President for Academic Affairs at South Dakota State University for 24 years. From 1979-1985 he also directed programs to develop departmental leadership for the South Dakota and North Dakota Board of Regents and American Council on Education.


Dr. Harold and Barbara Call for Nominations


Dr. Harold and Barbara Cumulative List


Dr. Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg Young Faculty Award

Dr. Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg, former President and First Lady of SDSU, established an endowment to recognize outstanding accomplishments for faculty that are early in his/her career and provide an annual faculty research support award.


Dr. Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg Cumulative List

  • Dr. Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg Young Faculty Award Call for Nominations

Edward Patrick Hogan Award for Teaching Excellence

Established by the Larson Foundation in Edward Patrick Hogan's honor, this award is given to two faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in teaching and learning.  Dr. Edward Patrick Hogan's thirty-six-year career at SDSU included serving as Professor of Geography, Head of the Department of Geography, Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Information Technology Officer.


Edward Patrick Hogan Call for Nominations


Edward Patrick Hogan Cumulative



"The title of emeritus is a designation of distinction bestowed upon a retired faculty member who has held academic rank while serving in an academic, administrative or professional position or to a retired academic administrative staff member who has served in a position integral to the academic mission …" (Source: BOR policy 4:43) of South Dakota State University.

The lifetime title of Emeritus is an honor, designating a retired faculty or academic administrative staff member as having demonstrated a distinguished professional career and as having made significant contributions to South Dakota State University.

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Emeritus Policy

Grad Students

Emeritus Cumulative List


Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring

The Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring Award was established by the Graduate Council to honor faculty members who have shown excellence in mentoring graduate students. The award honors faculty for efforts in supporting, encouraging and promoting their graduate students' research, education, professional and personal development, and career plans.

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Graduate Student Mentoring Call for Nominations

Studying Students

Graduate Student Mentoring Cumulative List


Excellence in Online Teaching

The purpose of this award is to recognize a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in designing and delivering online instruction at SDSU. The recipient must have designed and taught one or more online courses with an imaginative approach, well-designed course materials and instructional strategies, developed a positive relationship with course participants, and produced effective learning outcomes.

Studying Student

Online Teaching Call for Nominations

Studying Students

Online Teaching Cumulative List


Excellence in Outreach & Engagement

This award recognizes members of the faculty or professional staff individually or as a team who make significant contributions to outreach through service to a community, school, or organization within the state of South Dakota.

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Outreach & Engagement Call for Nominations

Biology Students

Outreach & Engagement Cumulative List


Honorary Degree

The honorary degree is the highest honor conferred by the Board of Regents and University and is reserved for only those candidates whose extraordinary accomplishments have benefited society. The purpose of conferring the honorary degree is to pay tribute to worthy individuals and the degree is not equivalent to, nor a replacement for, an earned bachelor or doctorate degree.

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Honorary Degree Guidelines

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Honorary Degree Cumulative List


Outstanding Online Program

The purpose of this award is to recognize an outstanding online degree or certificate program offered by South Dakota State University. The awarded program must have demonstrated excellence by effectively educating students, providing access to a diverse group of learners, and developing high levels of student and faculty satisfaction at an affordable price.

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Outstanding Call for Nominations

SDSU Students

Online Program Cumulative List


South Dakota State University Commercialization Award

 From 2010-2018 the Pat and Jo Cannon Intellectual Property Commercialization Award was presented to faculty members whose inventions had potential for regional economic development and successful commercialization through a technology transfer process with industry partners. Since 2019 the award honors faculty members who successfully commercialize their knowledge or invention through the South Dakota State University technology transfer office. 

Ag Bio Students

Commercialization Award Cumulative List


Sewrey Faculty Colloquium

Named after Charles Sewrey, Professor of History from 1947-1974, the Sewrey Colloquium recognizes faculty scholars who are engaged in interesting and thought-provoking interdisciplinary work. The Colloquium serves as a forum to share ideas and engender a healthy, provocative discussion. Selection of faculty occur through a nomination and selection process.

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Sewrey Faculty Colloquium Call for Nominations

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Sewrey Faculty Colloquium Cumulative List


Timothy J. Nichols Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award

The Timothy J. Nichols Outstanding Undergraduate Academic Advising Award is being established by the Office of the Provost to honor a faculty member who has exhibited excellence in advising and mentoring undergraduate students.  Those who should be considered for nomination have demonstrated exemplary performance in supporting their advisees' academic success; promoted opportunities for undergraduate research, internships, study abroad or the like; and facilitated professional and personal development.

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Timothy J. Nichols Call for Nominations


Timothy J. Nichols Cumulative List