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Curriculum Requests

The Office of Academic Affairs welcomes curriculum requests throughout the calendar year. There are two types of curriculum requests: minor and substantive. Minor curriculum requests require approval by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs and Graduate School Director then move to the Board of Regents for processing. Substantive curriculum requests require approval by the Board of Regents or System Vice President for Academic Affairs and shall be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for review prior to the committee review.

2020-2021 Requests

  • Accelerated Program Requests
  • Authorization to Offer Existing Common Courses
  • General Education Revisions
  • Intent to Plans
  • New Baccalaureate Minors
  • New Certificates
  • New Course Requests
  • New Graduate Degree Programs
  • New Site Requests
  • New Specialization Requests
  • New Undergraduate Degree Programs
  • Prefix Requests
  • Program Placement on Inactive Status/Terminations
  • Revised Course Request: Common Courses
  • Revised Course Requests: Unique Courses
  • Substantive Program Modifications
  • Termination of a Site
  • 120 Credit Exceptions

2019-2020 Requests

2018-2019 Requests

2017-2018 Requests

2016-2017 Requests

2015-2016 Requests

2014-2015 Requests

2013-2014 Requests

2012-2013 Requests