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Curriculum Development and Review Handbook

The information in this page describes the policies and procedures which must be followed for all matters relating to curriculum changes in courses and programs as well as requests for new courses and programs. The curriculum handbook also provides guidance in the development and approval of new and revised programs and courses.

Curriculum changes require the coordinated efforts of individuals and units throughout South Dakota State University. Faculty develop and deliver the curriculum while governance bodies and academic administrators review and approve proposals. Consultations must occur among departments, schools, and colleges whose programs might be affected by a proposed change. Consultations also need to occur with department heads, school directors, deans, and others responsible for managing budgets, personnel, and other resources.

Curriculum proposals must be carefully developed and prepared so as to provide all parties with information that is accurate and adequate for them to perform their roles. The principles of efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and academic quality guide the process.

This handbook includes the following sections: curricular development, curricular definitions, curricular review and approval process, consultation process, tips for preparing strong curricular requests, frequently asked questions, and additional curriculum development resources.

Student and faculty member writing math equations.

Curricular Development

Students working in chemistry lab with professor.

Curricular Definitions

Students in finance lab looking at the computer screen.

Curriculum Development and Approval Process

Students in course listening to instructor.

Curriculum Consultation Process

Instructor helping student with precision agriculture technology in lab.

Tips for Preparing Strong Curricular Requests

Student in exercise science lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students working with microgrid lab.

Curriculum Development Resources

students and professor working in anatomy lab.

Curriculum Forms

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Curriculum Processing Calendar