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Award for Excellence in Outreach & Engagement Call for Nominations

This award recognizes members of the faculty, individually or as a team, who make significant contributions to outreach.  The mission of a land-grant university is to extend education and research through outreach to citizens, a community or organization within the state of South Dakota.  A “significant contribution” entails work and commitment that is both substantial—in terms of time and results—and that clearly exceeds that work and commitment which is required by the recipient’s position and workload at SDSU. 

Nomination Criteria:

  1. Letter of nomination, submitted by someone other than the nominee, including a rationale for the nomination focusing on these points (not to exceed 3 pages):
    • Demonstration of how the nominee is going “above and beyond” their workload expectations to reach this initiative
    • The nominee’s outreach initiative (a brief description)
    • The problem or issues addressed 
    • The results and impact of the initiative
    • The audience served
    • Workload percentages and a brief summary of responsibilities
  2. Vita of the nominee(s) (not to exceed 10 pages)
  3. Two supporting letters (1-page maximum) from colleagues
  4. Two supporting letters (1-page maximum) from external beneficiaries

Nomination Process:

Nomination packets should be sent either electronically or hand delivered to the Office of Academic Affairs, Morrill Hall, Room 230. The due date for nominations is December 1st.  The recipient/s will be selected by the Academic Affairs Subcommittee on Faculty Awards.

The Award consists of a $1000 stipend for an individual or team and will be presented during the Celebration of Faculty Excellence. The recipient is expected to be present.