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2017-2018 Curriculum Requests

Authorization to Offer Existing Common Courses

Course Number and TitleUniversities Currently Offering This CourseDate PostedAACStatusExecutive DirectorStatus
BIOL 743 Cell BiologyUSD1/11/181/25/18Approved Pending
ARAB 201 Intermediate Arabic IUSD2/7/182/21/18Pending  
ARAB 202 Intermediate Arabic IIUSD2/7/182/21/18Pending  
BLAW 433 Real EstateNSU and USD2/7/182/21/18Pending  
CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese INSU2/7/182/21/18Pending  
CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese IINSU2/7/182/21/18Pending  
MFL 201 Intermediate Modern Foreign Language IUSD2/7/182/21/18Pending  
MFL 202 Intermediate Modern Foreign Language IIUSD2/7/182/21/18Pending  
RUSS 201 Intermediate Russian INSU and USD2/7/182/21/18Pending  
RUSS 202 Intermediate Russian IINSU and USD2/7/182/21/18Pending  

General Education Revision

Goal/Course Number and TitleChanges RequestedDate PostedAACStatusExecutive DirectorStatusBORStatus

Intent to Plan

Program TitleDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus
Applied Physics (M.S.)2/9/182/21/18Pending  

New Undergraduate Degree Program

Program NameSite RequestedDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus
Business Economics (B.A./B.S.)Brookings Main Campus8/22/178/29/17Approved10/4/17Approved

New Baccalaureate Minors

Program NameSite RequestedDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus
Apparel and Fashion Studies MinorBrookings Main Campus2/7/182/21/18Pending  
History of Art and Design MinorBrookings Main Campus2/8/182/21/18Pending  
Performing Arts Administration MinorBrookings Main Campus2/8/182/21/18Pending  
Retail Management MinorBrookings Main Campus2/7/182/21/18Pending  

New Certificates

Program Name Site RequestedDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus

New Course Requests

Course Number and TitleDate PostedAACStatusExecutive DirectorStatus
CHRD 485-585 Careers in Counseling and Student Affairs10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/8/17Approved
CHRD 706 Play Therapy: Models and HST10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/20/17Approved
CHRD 707 Play Therapy: Skills and Technology10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/20/17Approved
CHRD 708 Play Therapy: Filial and Family10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/20/17Approved
CHRD 709 Applications of Play Therapy10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/20/17Approved
MRCH 560 Retail Analytics10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/8/17Approved
PHA 743 Pharmacogenomics10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/8/17Approved
PHYS 216-216L Physical Science for Early Childhood and Lab1/11/181/25/18Approved Pending
BLAW 453 Principles and Procedures of Valuation2/7/182/21/18Pending  
CHRD/HDFS 702 Advanced Human Sexuality2/7/182/21/18Pending  
GSR 701 Graduate School and Beyond2/8/182/21/18Pending  
HDFS 701 Current Issues in Developmental Sciences 2/7/182/21/18Pending  
HDFS 744 Diverse Families2/7/182/21/18Pending  
OM 620 Analysis In Operations Management 2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 313 Pharmacy Calculations2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 326L Integrated Pharmacy Laboratory I2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 342 Self Care Pharmacotherapeutics I2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 352 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology I2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 353 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology II2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 363L Pharmacy Skills Laboratory I 2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 364L Pharmacy Skills Laboratory II2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 419 Fundamentals of Health Care Practice II 2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 426L Integrated Pharmacy Laboratory II2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 452 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology III 2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 453 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology IV2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 463L Pharmacy Skills Laboratory III 2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 464L Pharmacy Skills Laboratory IV2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 719L Pharmacy Capstone2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 724 US Health Care Systems2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 726L Integrated Pharmacy Laboratory III2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 738 Health Informatics2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 763L Pharmacy Skills Laboratory V2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PHA 764L Pharmacy Skills Laboratory VI2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PUBH 702 Public Health Theory and Practice2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PUBH 721 Public Health Applied Practice Experience I 2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PUBH 722 Public Health Applied Practice Experience II2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PUBH 723 Public Health Applied Practice Experience III 2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PUBH 751 Public Mental Health2/7/182/21/18Pending  
PUBH 762 Cultural Perspectives in Public Health2/7/182/21/18Pending  

New Graduate Degree Program

Program NameSite RequestedDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus

New Prefix Request

Prefix RequestedDescriptionChanges RequestedDate PostedExecutive DirectorStatus

New Site Request

Program TitleSite RequestedDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus

New Specialization Request

Program TitleSite RequestedDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus
Mathematics (B.S.) - Data Science SpecializationBrookings Main Campus10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/6/17Approved
Human Sciences (M.S.) - Developmental Sciences SpecializationBrookings Main Campus, Online2/8/182/21/21Pending  

Program Placement on Inactive Status/Termination

Program TitleChange RequestedInactivate/Terminate DatesDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus
Nursing (D.N.P.) - Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist SpecializationTermination Without Enrolled StudentsTermination: 9/1/177/31/178/29/17Approved10/4/17Approved
Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.) - Clinical Laboratory SpecializationTermination Without Enrolled StudentsTermination: 5/5/1810/17/1711/1/17Approved12/6/17Approved
Economics (B.A./B.S.) - Business Economics SpecializationTermination With Enrolled StudentsPhasing Out: 5/4/18 Termination:  5/7/211/11/181/25/18Approved3/28/18Pending
Environmental Management (B.S.) - Articulation Agreement with LATITermination without Enrolled StudentsTermination: 5/5/181/11/181/25/18Approved3/28/18Pending
Human Sciences (M.S.) - Adult Development in the Workplace SpecializationTermination without Enrolled StudentsTermination: 5/5/182/8/182/21/18Pending  
Theatre Arts Administration CertificateTermination with Enrolled StudentsPhasing Out: 5/4/18
Termination: 5/7/21

Revised Course Request: Common Courses

Course Number and TitleChanges RequestedUniversities that Offer the Common CourseDate PostedAACStatusExecutive DirectorStatus
PE 341 Curriculum Development and EvaluationPrerequisitesBHSU, DSU, NSU, and SDSU10/17/1711/1/17Approved12/8/17Approved
PUBH 730 Public Health ProjectCourse TitleSDSU and USD2/7/182/21/18Pending  

Revised Course Requests: Unique Courses

Course Number and TitleChanges RequestedDate PostedAACStatusExecutive DirectorStatus
AS 475 Feedlot Operations and ManagementAddition of a Lab Component2/7/182/21/18Pending  

Substantive Program Modifications

Program NameChanges RequestedDate PostedAACStatusExecutive DirectorStatusBORStatus
American Indian Studies (B.A. and Minor)Department Code9/22/1710/4/17Approved10/30/17Approved----
Human Biology (M.S.) and Accelerated ProgramDepartment and Division Code9/22/1710/4/17Approved10/30/17Approved----
Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)
- (Post Master's to D.N.P.)
- Family Nurse Practitioner Specialization (Post Master's to DNP and B.S.N. to D.N.P.)
-Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Specialization (B.S.N. to D.N.P.)
- Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Specialization (B.S.N. to D.N.P.)
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Specialization (B.S.N. to D.N.P.)
Total credits required within the discipline; Total credits required for program1/11/181/25/18Approved Pending----
Clinical Nurse Leadership CertificateProgram Name2/7/182/21/18Pending    
Economics MinorTotal credits required within the discipline; Total credits required for program2/7/182/21/18
English (M.A.)Total credits required within the discipline; Total credits of elective coursework; Total credits required for program; Add Option B2/7/182/21/18Pending    
Pharmaceutical Sciences (B.S.)Total credits required within the discipline; Total credits of elective coursework; Revised coursework2/7/182/21/18Pending    
Post-Master's Family Nurse Practitioner CertificateProgram Name2/7/182/21/18Pending    
Post-Master's Nurse Educator CertificateProgram Name2/7/182/21/18Pending    
Public Health (M.P.H.)Total credits required within the discipline; Total credits of supportive coursework;2/7/182/21/18Pending    

120 Credit Exceptions

ProgramChanges RequestedDate PostedAACStatusBORStatus