Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Enhancing Animal and Human Health through Service, Education, and Research

Whether for students or for the public, service lies at the center of the Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department. Our undergraduate students benefit by receiving an educational foundation that makes them competitive applicants to colleges of veterinary medicine, and our graduate students can sharpen their professional development with the help of a wealth of scientists willing to partner with them in research.

students and professor in vet science labThe Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department also has two laboratories that help expand service to the public. Prompt and accurate diagnosis of animal health problems is the role of the South Dakota Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory, which is one of only 36 accredited veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the nation.

Another critical component of the Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department is a dynamic group of researchers who search for new ways to prevent and detect animal and human diseases. The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Vaccinology, one of South Dakota’s 2010 Centers of Excellence, supports many of these researchers in their quest for healthier animals and people.

The interaction of service, discovery, and education that takes place within the Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department results in new knowledge, timely information, and students prepared for careers that make a difference for animals and people alike.

The Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences is a great place from which to launch your career. Give it a look today!