Grand Prize Winners

2012 Matt Hummel
1st Place National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Zarin Rahman

ISEF Award 2nd Place- Behavioral and Social Sciences

Brookings High School

Yiuan He
Brookings High School

Seth Petra
Elk Point-Jefferson

2011 Matt Hummel  Navibot: Phase IV Florence

Megan Minatra Sound of Mathness: Encore Waverly
  Hope Goode  At the Beat of My Heart Garretson High School
  Brittany Berndt  Milk Extravaganza Deubrook

2010 Adam Halverson
ISEF Award 2nd Place (Individual)
VSR-2:TALOS FG, The final ultimatum Garretson High
  Nick Mueller Twin Turbines? Garretson High
  Chris Aslesen & Jake Tschetter How much does texting effect human reaction time? Florence High

2009 Alexandra Hummel Do you have Synesthesia? Phase III
Florence High School
  Matt Hummel Navibot: Phase II Florence High School
  Andrew Ter Haar & Sam Baas
A New Spin on Gravity
Unity Christian High School

2008 Melanie Engeldinger
Drifting Away
Elk Point - Jefferson High School
  Alexandra Hummel Do you have Synesthesia? Phase II Florence High School
  Adam Halverson & Anthony Winterton

ISEF award: 3rd place (team category)

VSR-1: Talos
Garretson High School

2007 Kelsey Arthur Using Molecular Markers to Find the QTL of the Gene in Association with Resistance to Soybean Aphids and Maturity Groups South Shore School
  Tamara Parliament Bang Your Head: Anatomy of An Accident (Physics Applied) Phase II Hamlin High School
  Adam Halverson & Anthony Winterton Codename: X-species Garretson High School

2006 Shauna Waite Health Analysis: Green vs. Black-Phase II Florence High School
  Tamara Parliament Anatomy of An Accident: Physics Applied Hamlin High School
  Anthony Winterton & Ian Carlson The Cutting Edge Garretson High School

2005 Josh Chilson Biodiesel: Fuel of the Future? Phase V Florence High School
  Jacob Stricherz Particle Deflection from a Co-60 Source: A Matter of Homeland Security South Shore School
  Nancy Heuer & Liza Berg Premature Birth due to EMF South Shore School


Jennifer Goedhart
ISEF award: 2nd place (microbiology category)

Effect of Hazelnut Extract on Bacteria Unity Christian High School
  Jacob Stricherz
University of Oregon Internship
Mpemba Effect on Water & Hydrogen Peroxide South Shore School
  Amy Mauseth & Andrea Brown Pattern Recognition Using Electrical Stimulation Deubrook Area Schools

2003 Jennifer Goedhart
IFT Award: Weed Science Society of America
Effect of Corn Steep Liquor on Weed Seed Germination Unity Christian High School
  Mikki Jo Keeble A Daily Dose of Blue South Shore, SD
  Kyle Donnelly & Justin Sieverding An "Egg"celent Problem Elk Point-Jefferson High School

2002 Josh Chilson
U.S. Patent Office
Biodiesel: Fuel of Future Florence High School
  Diana Gyling Benchmarks of Mathematical Programming Techniques Brookings, SD
  Amanda Schmig & Cristy Pauli Do You See What I See? South Shore, SD

2001 Jerome Koistinen A Stainless Solution to a Leaky Problem Hamlin High, Hayti, SD
  Jessica Rowland High Dose Interference of Virus Replication of PRRSV Brookings, SD
  Micky Snieder & Mike Mulder The Possibilities of Recycling are Growing! Unity Christian, Orance City, IA

2000 Jacob Seppanen More than Just Milk? Hamlin High, Hayti, SD
  Patrick Koistinen Oil Analysis: Wear Metals & Elements Contaminants Hamlin High, Hayti, SD
  Travis DeJung & Matt Rutler Propeller Pitch Unity Christian, Orange City, IA

1999 Tiffany Trumm Comparative Respiration: Influence of Environmental Stimuli Hamlin High, Hayti, SD
  Julie Popham
AM Meteorological Society
Variation in Particulate Concentration: Western vs. Eastern SD Snowfall Hamlin High, Hayti, SD
  Jerome Koistinen & Jeremy Sneeden Can Your Mind See? Hamlin High

1998 Amanda Goebel Air Quality: Comparative Analysis of Late Model Vehicle Emissions Hamlin High, Hayti, SD
  Nicole Vos The Allelopathic Effects of Alfalfa on Seed Germination Unity Christian, Orange City, IA
  Kristi Mulder & Rachel Noteboom Effects of Electrical Current on Worm Regeneration Unity Christian, Orange City, IA

1990 Sara Luecke
Student Day Time Pulse Rate Variations
Lincoln High, Sioux Falls, SD

1985 Brent Wolfe
How Antiseptics Affect Bacteria
New Effington, SD
  Stephanie Marko
Investigation of a Viscoelastic Fluid
Patrick Henry, Sioux Falls, SD

1984 Stephen Simon
Effect of Smoking on the Health of Animals
Lincoln, Sioux Falls, SD
  Larry Corria, Jr.
Accumulative Study of Acid Precipitation
Lincoln, Sioux Falls, SD

1983 James Jacobson
Effects of Car Exhaust on Radish Plants
Patrick Henry, Sioux Falls, SD
  Larry Corria, Jr.
Formaldehyde: The Growing Threat
Lincoln, Sioux Falls, SD

1982 Becky Moore
Effects of Acid Rain on Living Things
Patrick Henry, Sioux Falls, SD
  Valerie Capp
Northeastern South Dakota's #1 Problem: Weather
South Shore, SD

1981 Julie A. Moore
Influence of Cigarette Smoke and Derivatives on Rat Cilla
Lincoln, Sioux Falls, SD
  Michael J. Bade
Radio Telescope
Northwestern, Mellette, SD

1980 Sandra L. Peterson
The Effects of Toxin on the Conjugation of Paramecium caudatum
Viborg, SD
  Jon N. Christensen
Analysis and Correction of Harmful Substances in Municipal Water Supply
Viborg, SD

1979 Sandra L. Petersen
Crustaceans: Brine Shrimp
Viborg, SD
  Jon C. Fischbach
Self-Contained House
Northwestern, Mellette, SD

1978 Josette Boesch
Carcinogenic Effects of Trichlorethylene on White Mice
Lincoln, Sioux Falls, SD
  Douglas Degeest
Tris: The Fire Retardant
Viborg, SD

1977 Patricia R. Ford
Resensitivity of Boordetella bronchiseptica to Antibiotics
Viborg, SD
  Dale R. Sorensen
Sound Waves
Viborg, SD

1976 Vernon Strasser
Effects of Tannic Acid on Mice
Parker, SD
  Rolland L. Story
Study of Emissions of Exploding Wires
Parker, SD

1975 Kevin J. Kleen
Effect of UV Light on Yeast
Brookings, SD
  Gail Marek
Paper Chromatography: Separation of Colors
Patrick Henry, Sioux Falls, SD