Viticulture in South Dakota

The wine industry in South Dakota has experienced steady growth over the past 10 years, and demand for locally grown, high-quality wine grapes is strong. In addition to the potential market opportunities, some people are attracted to grape growing because they like working outdoors, enjoy working with plants, and enjoy wine. Grapes may be a good alternative crop to traditional agronomic crops, especially on land that is marginal for cultivation. 


  • Grape growers, Have you ever wished you had a chance to design your own online class on grape growings? Are you willing to try different kinds of online tools for learning and networking with other grape growers? If so, I invite you to join our new South Dakota online viticulture learning community.  The goal is to offer growers across our state a convenient venue for seeking and sharing information,  learning from those with in-depth knowledge and identifying emerging issues.  If you are interested, contact Rhoda Burrows.
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