Haylie Braaten

Haylie Braaten

Coliseum in Rome, Italy

Majors: Early Childhood Education & Spanish
Expected Graduation Year: 2015
Hometown: Yankton, SD

Why did you choose to attend SDSU?

It was a little farther from home, and it seemed like a great innovative campus to attend. I loved the atmosphere here and the people as well. I wanted to meet new people and have different, unique experiences, and so far, this has all come true!

Where did you study abroad, and what did you study on your trip?

I studied at the University Of Vigo in Vigo, Spain. Vigo is located in the Northwest, right above the border of Portugal, next to the Atlantic coast. I studied Spanish while abroad.

What was your most memorable study abroad experience?

It is quite difficult to think of the most memorable experience I had while abroad, but if I have to decide, I would probably say the day I went bungee jumping off a bridge that connected Spain and Portugal together. It was a brand new, crazy experience for me. University Of Vigo in Vigo, Spain
Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain

What made it the most memorable was the people I was with, though. I made so many great friends in Europe who I will never forget. They have become my best friends for life, and I stay in contact every day.

What do you do as a study abroad peer ambassador?

University Of Vigo in Vigo, Spain

Venice, Italy

As a study abroad ambassador, my job is to try to convince you to study abroad. This is quite easy, because I am very passionate about this opportunity. I present to classrooms and organizations. I also help advise students who want to study abroad.

I can assist in picking the right program for them, and help with the application process. I also can give some great personal tips from my own experience!

What piece of advice would you give to other students thinking about studying abroad?

I would advise any student, whether thinking about studying abroad or not, to at least come into the office and check it out. I think the first step is the hardest, but once you make the leap to find out more information, you will not regret it.
University Of Vigo in Vigo, Spain

La Playa de Samil in Vigo, Spain

My greatest decision in my life thus far was to walk into the Global Studies office and ask some questions even though I never thought I would get such a great opportunity. By walking into the office, I gave myself the best adventure anybody could ever have, and grew in ways I would have never guessed. We are young, and therefore, why not go while the chance is right in arms reach? I would rather get the confidence to go than look back and wish I would have. I cannot stress enough how amazing this experience is and the doors that will open afterward.