Adam HoppeAdam D. Hoppe, PhD

Position Title: Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Area of Research: Biophysical Chemistry, Fluorescence Microscopy, Cell Biology

What motivates you about your chosen field?

We are working to try and understand how information is processed by biochemical reactions within living cells. Exploring this nano-scale frontier of cellular biophysics requires creating new technologies. I am motivated to work in this area by the exciting new discoveries, the creativity required this work requires and the impact this work will eventually have on understanding and treating human diseases.

Why did you choose to conduct your research at SDSU?

My wife and I were interested in returning to the area. We were drawn to Brookings. I feel that my efforts in establishing a nationally competitive research program at SDSU will benefit students in South Dakota and the Brookings community.

What roles do your colleagues and student research assistants play in the work you do?

I am fortunate to have an outstanding laboratory team. The brilliant undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in my lab are the driving force for all that we do. Without their technical and intellectual contributions our research would not be possible.

What have been some of your greatest research accomplishments while at State?

Our team has developed some of the first methods for imaging molecular interactions on surfaces of living cells and for measuring changes in membrane curvature on the surfaces of these cells. Both of these tools allow new ways to watch biochemistry within living cells. We are now applying these tools to questions of how these molecules control immune cell function.

What do you enjoy most about SDSU?

Working with students and postdocs both in the classroom and laboratory.

What piece of advice would you give new students?

Dare to ask the most important questions.
Apply creativity liberally.
Test ideas rigorously.
Create a vision.