Parking Services

Please view parking updates on a regular basis to avoid receiving a parking citation while parking on the SDSU campus. All updates and news will be featured below.  

Summer Parking Pilot Program

A summer pilot program will keep Lot 134 (east side of the Administration building) as a reserved lot for the summer. A summer reserved permit or visitor parking permit will be required between May 18 and August 14 in this lot. 

Parking Enforcement During Summer Months

Between May 18 and August 14, parking permit enforcement is not in effect except in Lot 134. All other parking rules and regulations (parked in non-designated parking area, no parking, handicap) will still be enforced. 

Student Resident Permits

Parking permits for students who live on campus will be available for purchase online starting July 1. 

Important Reminders

  • Permits are only available for purchase online.
  • Please purchase a permit prior to parking on campus.
  • Parking permit enforcement runs from August 15 to May 15 with all academic breaks being enforced. 
  • All mopeds/scooters must park in designated motorcycle parking areas. Parking on sidewalks or near bicycle racks is prohibited.