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Admissions Ambassadors

SDSU Admissions Ambassador Program

South Dakota State University Admissions Ambassadors are hired to represent and promote SDSU to prospective students and their families, as well as the general public. Admissions Ambassadors are critical to the successful recruitment of students to SDSU. Ambassadors are often times the first and possibly the only student that a prospective student and their family may come in contact with during the college search process. The public will form lasting impressions about SDSU based on the information Ambassadors provide.

Admissions Ambassador are selected through a competitive application and selection process held each spring at SDSU. Admissions Ambassador positions are offered to current SDSU students who will have completed at least one year as a full time college student at SDSU when they start their position in August of the academic year. Please see the quick links to materials on the right for the Admissions Ambassador application and more information.  

2015-16 Admissions Ambassadors