Department of Natural Resource Management

Welcome to the wide world of Natural Resources! Whether your interests are in bird watching, endangered species, hunting and sport fishing, environmental quality, or management of our grassland resources, we have a home for you.
North America has a tremendously wide diversity of natural resources. These natural resources provide both consumptive and non-consumptive values to humans. Thus, natural resources can provide economic benefit from harvest of annual surpluses for renewable natural resources such as grass or wildlife. In addition, the quality of life for many humans is intimately tied to natural resources. Thus, educational opportunities in natural resource management at SDSU can lead to a diverse array of career opportunities.
SDSU offers four majors focused on improving our understanding and management of natural resources. These include B.S. degrees in Ecology and Environmental Science, Natural Resource Law Enforcement, Range Science, and Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. In addition, the department has minors available in Botany and in Range Science. Finally, graduate programs are available for all of these disciplines.


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Annual Research & Extension Summary

Annual Research and Extension Summary


Fast Facts
Number of Students, Undergraduate 316
Number of Students, Graduate 92
Number of Fields of Study 4
Number of 2014–2015 Dept. Scholarship Recipients 65
Ph.D. Faculty Members 24