Mosquito Collection

Mosquito populations, 2015

This information will assist individuals involved in public mosquito control programs to visualize trends in mosquito populations. You can access the mosquito population data for each county (if data is present for that county) by clicking on the county in the state map below. Each surveillance trap in that county is listed by name, and you can see the mosquito population graph for that trap by clicking on it.

These counts depend upon several factors such as the type of mosquito trap, the specific location of the trap, and the makeup of the mosquito population. Therefore, they are not meant to be used to compare the severity of mosquito problems at each location with an given area; rather, they should be used to monitor the mosquito population within that location in real time. The change or trend in the numbers of mosquitoes caught is what should be considered. If you have questions or comments, please contact Mike Hildreth by email or at 605 691-9073.


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