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Xiuqing Wang


Specialty Area:
Areas of Study/Academic Interests:
Viral pathogenesis and viral immunology
Ph.D. (Virology). University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA. 2000. M.S. (Veterinary Pathology). Inner Mongolia College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Huhhot, P. R. China. 1991. D.V.M., Inner Mongolia College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Huhhot, P. R. China. 1988.
Teaching Responsibilities:
Micr424/524, Vet424/524 Medical and Veterinary Virology Bios790 Graduate Seminar, Bios662 Advanced Molecular and Cellular Biology, Bios663 Advanced topics in infectious disease
Research/Scholarship Responsibilities:
molecular mechanisms of viral pathogenesis and viral immunity
Professional Memberships:
American Society for Virology
1) South Dakota State EPSCoR CAREER (NSF) May 1, 2003 – October 30, 2004 Title: Molecular Regulation of Mucosal Immunity Total: $ 75,000 Role: PI Goal: To understand the molecular control of mucosal immunity using DNA microarray and real-time PCR techniques. 2) USDA NRI January 15, 2004 –January 14, 2007 Title: Role of dendritic cells in PRRSV pathogenesis Total: $ 74,697 Indirect Cost Recovery Rate: 22.5-23 % Role: PI Goal: To examine the interaction between PRRSV and monocyte-derived DC in vitro and to understand the role of DC in PRRSV pathogenesis. 3) NIH-NIAID April 1, 2004 - March 31, 2008 Title: Murine Cytomegalovirus As a Potent Antigen Delivery Vector Total: $ 141, 262 Indirect Cost Recovery Rate: 42.5-43% Role: PI Goal: To examine the persistence and immunomodulating effects of MCMV on human immune cells. 4) National Pork Board September 15, 2004 – December 15, 2005 Title: A novel herpesvirus vector approach for PRRSV vaccines. Total: $ 25,000. Role: PI Goal: To explore the potential use of a herpes simplex virus based vector approach for PRRSV vaccine development. 5) SD Governor’s 2010 Initiative Research Centers Program Oct. 2004 to June 2006. Title: Improved diagnostic and vaccination strategies for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Total: $100,000 Role: PI Goal: To develop novel strategies for the control and prevention of PRRSV in the US. 6) National Science Foundation (NSF)- MRI Aug. 2005- July 2006 Title: Acquisition of a scanning electron microscope for research purposes Total: $ 252,000 Role: Co-investigator (PI: David Gallipau) 7) NIH-NCI April 2006-Mar. 2009 Title: Inhibition of glutathione reductase and ovarian cancer drug resistance reversal Total: $ 213,000 Role: Co-Investigator, 5% effort (PI: Xiangming Guan) 8) USDA-NRI August 2007-July 2008 Title: Acquisition of the BioPlex Suspension Array System for Multiplex Assay Development in Swine Research Total: $ 28,000 Role: Co-Investigator (PI: Jane Christopher-Hennings) 9) SD AES October 2007- September 2009 Title: Optimization of dendritic cell enrichment procedures to define the coordinated role of dendritic cells and macrophages in PRRSV infection Total: $ 20,000 Role: PI 10) USDA NRI December2008-November 2010 Title: Interaction between PRRSV and interferon alpha/beta induction signaling pathways Total: $ 100,000 Role: PI
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Awards & Honors:
Dean's Team Award, SDSU