Annual Report: Year Two

A Strategic Vision for South Dakota State University is a five-year strategic plan that, as it is implemented, enhances the future for South Dakota and its citizens, while meeting the challenges of an increasingly global, complex and interconnected society. Read the complete strategic plan here.

IMPACT 2018 identifies a set of strategic goals that draw on the university’s strengths and its commitment to excellence, creating a pathway to the future as a high-performing institution that delivers greater value to students and stakeholders.

The plan provides indicators to measure progress. Its goals, outlined below, are rooted in the university’s historic land-grant mission, which calls for excellence in teaching, research, service and engagement.


IMPACT 2018 strategic goals are grounded in the University's commitment to core values. By achieving these goals, South Dakota State University will impact the state, the region, the nation and the world.

Goal 1: Academic Excellence

Promote academic excellence through quality programs, engaged learners and an innovative teaching and learning environment.

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Goal 2: Research & Innovation

Generate new knowledge, encourage innovations and promote artistic and creative works that contribute to the public good and result in social, cultural or economic development for South Dakota, the region, the nation and the world.

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Goal 3: Outreach

Extend the reach and depth of the University by developing strategic programs and collaborations.

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Goal 4: High-Performing University

Secure human and fiscal resources to ensure high performance through enhanced financial, management and governance systems.

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