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Ready, SET- Go!

The Ready SET-Go! Camp is a one-day workshop for high school girls held every November. (SET stands for Science, Engineering, and Technology.) Modeled after the eighth-grade GEMS camp, this version offers activities more suited to high-school age students and is designed to help students decide how to focus their interests into a college major and a career. To this end, professional women from the industry provide a key part of the workshop.

The goals of this workshop are to introduce high school-aged women to engineering, math, and science through a highly dynamic program of hands-on activities, increase student and parent knowledge of engineering, math, and science with regard to academic preparation and professional opportunities, provide an environment that facilitates learning and excitement about engineering, math, and science, and to inspire young women to continue to pursue the courses of study introduced during the workshop.

Due to the generous contributions of corporate sponsors, the cost of the workshop is only $25 per student, which includes lunch. Special tours and activities are planned for parents and teachers who accompany the students. Their lunch and refreshments will be provided at no cost.



Circuits of the Heart

Learn how electrical circuits work while making a flashing LED Heart. You'll learn about resistors, capacitors, transistors, and light emitting diodes (LED's) and how they can be combined to form a lighted heart that flashes. You'll solder the components onto the circuit board (heart) and add a battery to light it up! The finished heart is yours to keep.

Powering Your Life

Do you know what it costs to run the electrical devices in your room or home? Have you ever been told to turn off the lights, close the door, don't stand with the refrigerator door open? In this session, participants will be able to measure the electrical consumption of everyday items found in your home and estimate both the cost to operate those items as well as the cost to produce that energy.

Life Needs Clean Water

Water from lakes and rivers often has contaminants that make it unfit for drinking. The water may contain dirt, rocks and other objects that can be easily identified. Water may also contain bacteria and other microscopic organisms that cannot be seen easily. For these reasons, water that is delivered to our homes must go through a water treatment process. This is typically a five-part process that consists of aeration, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection.


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