Graduate Programs

Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

MS in Civil Engineering

Students can study a variety of graduate degrees from Civil and Environmental department. The Master's in Civil Engineering (MSCE) program offers course, design, and research activities within Civil and Environmental Engineering that are related to structural, transportation, geotechnical, water resources, hydrology, hydraulics, and environmental engineer, was well as areas of engineering mechanics. Students can pursue an MS degree under a thesis, design/research paper, or coursework only option. For more information, visit the SDSU online catalog.

PhD in Civil Engineering

The PhD in Civil Engineering program is designed to provide breadth and depth within the Civil Engineering main sub-disciplines including Structural, Environmental, Transportation, Geotechnical, Hydraulic, and Water Resources Engineering. The department's graduate faculty members conduct research in the fields of bridge engineering, earthquake engineering, traffic operations and safety, transportation infrastructure, breaking waves and river hydraulics, fate and transport of contaminants, water/wastewater treatment processes and biological filtration, and soil stability and deep foundations.

Applying to graduate school

Prospective students should visit the Graduate school page and review the guidelines for applying to SDSU's Graduate school if you have questions regarding admission requirements.