Cashier's Office

SDSU Cashier's Office deals with tuition and fee related processes and questions including: assisting students with questions about their accounts, providing information on all charges and payments applied to student accounts, processing student payments and refunds, and managing student accounts receivable related holds.

The Cashier's Office is the depository office for the funds of all University departments.  The Cashier's Office will establish cash funds for University departments when it is necessary.

Mission Statement:

  1. To serve the university community in a fast, efficient, and pleasant manner.
  2. To make customer service a top priority in all interactions including, treating all customers with dignity and respect.
  3. To provide all financial services in a fair and efficient manner, while maintaining goodwill towards South Dakota State University.
  4. To maintain a high level of accuracy when handling money, documents, and records.
  5. To possess a thorough knowledge of all cashier operations, as well as familiarity with how those operations are integrated into the university as a whole.
  6. To communicate clearly and effectively in all interactions.