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Calculus Gateway Exam

What is the Calculus Gateway Exam?

Students who want to be successful in MATH 123 Calculus I at South Dakota State University or elsewhere should have a good understanding of algebra and trigonometry. In order to determine a student's knowledge base, a Gateway Exam covering some of the essential topics will be given to all MATH 123 students on the second day of class each semester. This Gateway exam will consist of twenty problems covering essential material from algebra and trigonometry. Students will have 50 minutes to complete the exam and no calculators will be allowed on the exam.

Why did SDSU create the Gateway Exam?

List of Gateway Exam Topics

Sample Gateway Exam: Note that this exam is 25 questions long in order to provide an example of each sort of question that might appear on the Gateway Exam, while the actual exam administered in class will consist of only twenty questions in the interests of time.

Sample Gateway Exam Answers

Sample Gateway Exam Complete Solutions