Animal Science

Animal Science is about not only the production and care of animals but also about the products animals produce—meat! Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and turkey are all high protein foods and are needed daily in the human diet. Animal Science is the study of these foods and the animals that produce them. Animal Science is education about the technology of breeding, feeding, producing, managing, evaluating, and marketing beef cattle, sheep, hogs, horses, and poultry, as well as the processing of their products—meat, eggs, and wool.

Degrees Offered

South Dakota State University students can earn a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or Ph.D. in Animal Science. To earn a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, students must complete 128 credit hours of study that can be done in four years by averaging 16 credit hours per semester.

The undergraduate program combines the latest scientific findings about animal production and product processing. Classroom work is combined with hands-on experience in animal production, processing, and research units, which are maintained by the department and staffed with students. Animals produced and processed by these units are used in classroom and research projects, providing the student an opportunity to become actively involved in our livestock units and Animal Science research programs.

Study Options

Undergraduate students majoring in Animal Science may choose one of two different options. Within each of these options, students can specialize in one or more specie groups by choosing the appropriate production courses. During their freshmen year, students are not required to choose their option plan, because the core requirements are similar for the first two years.