Welcome to the AIECC Family! 

As Native people we are taught to remember and honor our culture, our ancestors, and our history. As a Native serving program, the AIECC creates programs and provides services with that in mind and answers the questions, "Who are our students? Where are they coming from? What do they need from us?" The AIECC exists to honor the cultural autonomy and tribal sovereignty of the American Indian students and represents the dedication and support to the Native student experience. SDSU is fortunate to have the American Indian Education and Cultural Center and an American Indian Student Services staff here to advocate and support you while you pursue higher education. The AIECC is a space where you can stay true to who you are, or for some, figure out who you are and where you want to go in your life.  

When we are asked "What is the AIECC? Who can go there? What do you do there?" we explain that we are here to help. It sounds so simple, but life teaches you that what appears to be simple can actually be quite complicated. We can list off all of the ways in which we have helped students resolve issues with financial aid, residential life, paying their student bill, working with Academic Advisors, or notifying Professors when you go home for a funeral. But what we want students and their families to know is that we are here to help with whatever you need help with. We also want students and their families to know that we can't help you if we don't know you are having difficulties. You don't have to have a definite purpose or reason to come over to the AIECC. We host programs and socials every month, but the doors are always open if you just want a place to hang out and relax. A place to meet other Native students, to watch TV, to study, to laugh. The AIECC is a place to go when you are feeling homesick (which happens to everyone!) and you need words of encouragement to remind you to make short term sacrifices for long term goals!  

The AIECC was established to support incoming and current students in navigating the college experience and to assist in creating a sense of belonging, within the AIECC and the campus in general. Whether you are exploring the idea of attending SDSU or are a current student, I encourage you to stop in, meet the staff, and ask a lot of questions. We are continuously evaluating our programs and services and we value student feedback, so please help us create programs to complement your educational experience.  

To the family: 

It's both exciting and scary to send your family member off to college. We want to help ease your mind and encourage you to call us with any questions or concerns you have. We also ask that you encourage your relative to stop by the AIECC to meet the staff and get involved in the activities and events that are hosted throughout the year. Your student has access to great services and resources all across campus and we are here to assist them in connecting with the appropriate offices. A common question we hear is "how many Native students are there at SDSU?" The number varies from semester to semester, but it's important to note that SDSU is the largest campus in the state and it isn't uncommon to feel like you are the only Native on campus. The AIECC Orientation program and the Oyate Yuwitaya Tipi Living Learning Community are both great opportunities for first and second year students to live together and to participate in a variety of programs created to build a community and friendships. The AIECC is open year round, with tutors available during the evening hours as well. 

We look forward to meeting you and working with you throughout the year!

Sincerely, AIECC Staff