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Swine facilities

The SDSU Swine Unit, located north of campus, provides many educational opportunities. The Unit focuses mainly on research which in turn provides current data for students in Swine Production classes as well as other animal science classes. The Swine Unit supplies hogs for livestock judging and evaluation classes as well as for the Little International.

The Swine Unit's main barn opened in 1992 and includes gestation, farrowing and nursery rooms for a 130 sow production unit. The herd consists of Large White/Landrace sows and Duroc/Hampshire boars. The finishing barn has a capacity of 240 growing-finishing pigs.

Construction of new swine facilities began in the summer of 2015.

Swine Construction Swine Construction
February 2016 construction of the swine facility. 


South Dakota State University has a strong swine program, with research in the areas of nutrition and reproduction, swine courses, and extension programming.

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Swine Club

The SDSU Swine Club is a student-led organization dedicated to generating interest, building understanding and providing opportunities for growth in the swine industry.

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Specialized Staff - Swine