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Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Cutting-edge science to feed and fuel the future

The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering focuses on preparing students to positively affect and improve the world’s food chain and available natural resources.

Through a multi-layered approach that includes teaching, research, and Extension, our department gives students and scientists the resources necessary to generate innovative ideas and build rewarding careers. The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering offers degrees in Ag & Biosystems Engineering (ABE), which prepares students to work with the development and design of systems that impact food sources, and in Ag Systems Technology (AST), which teaches students the practical application of new innovations in the agricultural market.

Cutting-edge research in our department spans topics that range from food safety and biodiesel fuel to biofilters and manure odor reduction. Accurate and up-to-date information for the public and industry is provided through our Extension outreach and includes information about irrigation, farm safety, and outdoor air quality, as well as rural handicap-accessible issues and other key topics in the realm of agriculture and biosystems.

Fields of Study

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