South Dakota Section of the Society for Range Management

The South Dakota Section of the Society for Range Management is an organization made up of rangeland professionals and practitioners who are dedicated to the conservation and wise use of South Dakota's rangeland resources. Our members are land managers, scientists, educators, students, producers and conservationists—a diverse membership guided by a professional code of ethics and unified by a strong and ethic.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Society for Range Management is to promote and enhance the stewardship of rangelands to meet human needs based on science and sound policy.

Our Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of range ecosystems and of the principles applicable to the management of range resources.

  • Assist all who work with range resources to keep abreast of new findings and to techniques in the science and art of range management.

  • Improve the effectiveness of range management to obtain from range resources the products and values necessary for man's welfare.

  • Create a public appreciation of the economic and social benefits to be obtained from the range environment.

  • Promote professional development of our members.