Oak Lake Field Station

The Oak Lake Field Station is a 570 acre facility located in the heart of the Northern Plains on the Coteau Des Prairie. Grassland, oak forest, wetland and lake environments located at the field station display the natural diversity of the prairie pothole region. (How to get there)

A rich cultural history complements our multiple-use management philosophy. Nestled along the western shoreline of a prairie pothole lake, the station occupies the site of a former Native American village and homesteads to many settlers of eastern South Dakota.

Today, the field station hosts university research focused on biofuels development, biodiversity of prairie communities, fire ecology, prairie pothole and stream ecology. Facilities on-site also service environmental education, university field courses, conferences, colloquia, retreats and community service events.

The field station is open throughout the year to the general public. Day use of the facility for hiking and outdoor activities is provided free of charge. Building facilities and overnight accommodations may be reserved for a modest fee.

Additional questions regarding the field station should be directed to the Station Director.