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iGrow is the teaching platform used by SDSU Extension to assure state of the art program delivery. It allows individual users to access Extension information and resources. To assure the quality and accuracy of the information, SDSU Extension invests 20 percent of its staff time in the ongoing development of iGrow information.

The iGrow model assures that SDSU Extension will be the indispensable outreach link of South Dakota's land grant university.

This free service gives producers all the information they need to monitor current developments in agriculture, research and trade; farm-specific agricultural weather; profitability calculators; and libraries of agricultural production and management information, podcasts and forums, all in a highly secure on-line environment that works on all computers, smart phones and mobile internet devices.

The iGrow effort is a continuation of SDSU Extension’s long-standing mission to help citizens convert data to knowledge. We live in an era of massive information overload. iGrow brings together in one-easy-to use portal all of the agricultural production information that producers need to make profit-oriented decisions.

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